Sunday, February 11, 2007

Letter on scooty ad

A letter from US on Scooty ad...

I live in the US and I have regional channels in my house and hense i get a chance to see all the Indian advertisements and recently I saw this Scooty(TVS) ad and it goes like a girl taking care of her scooty and her sisters comes and says without the scooty taking the public bus and going in the crowd would have hindered their education and they would have got married in a small age and saw mega serials with their motherinlaw . But since their parents got them scooty they didnt lead that life and they made their parents proud.

Well we are Indian were majority of the women are still house wives and below poverty line were they cant even afford an scooty. Does that mean women who are house wives cant be proud of themselves or is it ethical to show faces at crowded busses. this add was one of the most offensive ads i saw in the recent days and none seem to have taken notice of this. t has been back of my mind for a while I really would be relieved if someone took any step for these kind of offensive ads.

Subashni Srinivas
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