Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is it polio day today ?

Today Feb 11, was Polio Sunday in Madhya Pradeshas in other parts of India. It was National Immunisation Day the last one was on January 7, 2007. To look at the real picture at ground, blog spoke to many of its stringers and here is the picture

Manisha market, Shahpura Bhopal used to have polio booth but for last two rounds, it was missing this time. Though Bhopal collector had ordered (not motivated as normally done by many NGOs earlier – District administration and motivation probably two different terms) children to participate. One could not see much publicity around polio day except a school rally and few posters undertaken by the district to motivate, though many children in it did not knew why they were in the rally ? A parent of three in old bhopal asked us – is it a polio day today ?

Though health minister of state of MP had sent a special sms and there were press adverts but no plan to reach unorganized sector. What about people who do not have mobile and cannot read or write ? What about places like Rahul Nagar in Bhopal where many did not knew about it.

Chandan nagar Indore again the motivation to take children was missing. The blog reporter met many children who were not vaccinated and asked their parents to take them to the polio booths. This slum area in Indore was in focus as it had missing children.

In Bhind district one could only hear announcements around district hospitals but virtually nothing was there in interiors in name of IEC, neither anyone from health department told them about the polio round. How will people know, forget about they sending them to polio booths.

Similar case one could see in Gwalior rural areas, even in rural expcet few booths it was dsimal picture at many places.

There has been a shortfall in being abel to reach all, though state press release which would be released by today evening may not say the same.

Hope state’s health department could cover the same in house to house rounds which follow ? target was to reach crores of children but we have just reached lakhs…..

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