Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chickenpox hits children in kuswan of Shivpuri district in MP

13 22 hrs, Feb 4, 2007

24 children out of about 80 odd children in the village Kuswan have fallen ill due to chickenpox. The village is in badarwas block which is in one of the eight blocks of the Shivpuri district of state of Madhya Pradesh. Initially people thought it was measles, with which lots of myths and superstitions are associated in the district. But the medical staff which visited the village after initial reluctance has told the people of the village and volunteers there that it is Chickenpox. Community members of village say that three children namely Neetu of twelve years, Rachna of thirteen years and Ranjana of seven years are seriously ill. ANM and health worker had visited the village, though any senior health level officials still have to visit the village.

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Anonymous said...

lets us circulate this and put system to work to save the kids from agony

Anonymous said...

let's help the kids

Sanjay said...

My dear newswhichmatter creator,
Gift the 'pox' to the health authorities and take chicken out of the ministers concerned because it is these twins responsible for the health agony of millions in the country.
Is that OK