Monday, February 05, 2007

Amit (MP’ prince) saved from 55 ft pit

06.45 hrs, Feb 5, 2007

Amit a four-year-old boy had fallen yesterday into a 55-feet deep pit in village Ganeshwar in the Katni district of Madhya Pradesh. He had got stuck at 22 feet and after about 12 hours of rescue operation district administration with support from people had been able to save him. He has been taken to hospital for check up. This is the fourth case of a child falling in a pit in the past two months and second in almost a month. On Dec 31, 2006, five-year-old Kallu was trapped in a 216-feet-deep pit dug for a tube well in Ujjain district and died after being taken out. On Dec 23, a child died similarly in Begumganj village in Raisen district.Four-year-old Prince of Haryana had attracted nationwide attention last year when he spent over 50 hours in a well he had fallen into before being rescued.

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