Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Water crisis in Khajuraho

Chronicle News Service

Panna, Jan 15: The water level in world famous tourist place Khajuraho is going lower due to this water crisis is prevailing. Even in cold weather the five star hotels have to bring water from tankers.

All the big hotels of this tourist city bring water from nearby farm houses as a result the farm owners earn a lot of money selling water.It is noticeable that in the whole Bundelkhand, drought like situation is becoming and the tourist city is also in the clutches. In summer the situation would be more adverse. Due to scanty rain conventional sources of water are drying. Whereas water from private borings also hardly available.

Shiva hotel which is situated in Khajuraho , its owner Neeraj Latoria said that due to the water crisis the five star hotel owners have to purchase water of worth Rs 1-1.5 lakh permonth. The farmers of nearby areas selling water to these hotels in spite of irrigating fields. In this way they are earning Rs 5-10 thousand per month selling water.

People who have sufficient water in their borings they have purchased their own tankers for supplying water. Sources said that earlier such a situation was never seen.

Thousands of people from country and abroad every year visit here to look the beauty of these unique temples in Khajuraho.

There are so many hotels in Khajurao where the tourists halt. Some of them are five star hotels. The most hit are these hotels whose business is affected due to lack of water.In summer they would have to face more crisis of water.

Lalit Singh said that in coming summer the tourists would not be able to avail the facility of swimming at five star hotels.

Chief Municipal Officer Arun Pateria accepted that there is crisis of water in tourist town. At present hotels are getting water through tankers but in summer the nearby boring may also not able to supply water.

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