Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Urea Rs 270 a bag in Dhar while long wait for kerosene in other districts

Grain market Dhar, Town – Urea was being sold for 270 rupees for bag instead of Rupees two hundred fifty one. Though officers from agriculture extension were present at the market but still 19 rupees extra were being charged by the shopkeeper namely Nizamuddin & Company.

Media comes forward in support of farmers – The moment media came to know about it was there at the spot and shopkeeper was wiling to give the same even at Rs 249, thanks to media support farmers got some relief but what about other places ?

Next to urea another problem coming up in the state is long queues at the kerosene shops. One can see the same situation not only in the state capital but queues were also visible in various places in Indore and Sehore districts.

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