Friday, January 12, 2007

Noida killings: Bhopal couple fears for missing child

Rubian Khan Shapoo
Friday, January 12, 2007 (Bhopal):

Ever since the news of Noida killings of children emerged, there has been horror and shock among the parents who have missing children. In Bhopal, there is anxiety among a family whose son has been missing for over a year. They have had no help from the police despite the fact that the father is a havaldar.

For more than a year Ramwati has been worried about her 15-year-old son who has been missing since Nov 2005. But since December last year she's been in agony. She saw news of the Nithari killings on television and fainted. Since then she can't stop crying, terrified that her son might have met the same gruesome end. "I have no hopes. They have buried all the kids and now I am scared. What if they have done the same thing to my son?, asks Ramwati, Missing child's mother.

Sisters hopeful
The boy's sisters are desperately hoping their brother is back with them for Holi. Their father is less hopeful. He's spent almost Rs one lakh trying to find his son and now with no help from his colleagues in the police he's at his wits end. His biggest fear is the organ trade angle to the Nithari killings. Police are telling us that they are investigating but they are not doing anything," said Havaldar Bikram Singh.

This boy is not alone, more than 400 children from several age groups have gone missing in Bhopal in the past one year. What's even more worrying is that according to the National Crime Bureau, Madhya Pradesh tops the list of crimes against children.

After the Nithari serial killing episode, most parents are scared in fact very scared. What if their loved ones is one of the victims.

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