Friday, January 12, 2007

Meal for children being sold or found infected

Children meal was being sold in one of the districts namely Shivpuri in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Women and Child Development staff was caught while they were taking away kilos of wheat flour. This wheat flour comes for anganwadi kendra (ICDS centres) and to be given free to children of the Shivpuri, for combating hunger and malnutrition. They were caught be Tehsildar and it was alleged that they were taking for selling the same while the staff members or ICDS workers caught refute the same. Enquiry will be held in the incident.

Just two days back wheat flour in the Guna district of Madhya Pradesh was found to be infected with fungus. It may be important to mention here that state of Madhya Pradesh has highest number of children under three years of age which are malnourished in India. These centers are like life lines for them but if this is the way the state’s centres run, am not sure where are we heading ?????

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Anonymous said...

the health department should be under the scanner for this.