Monday, March 10, 2008

‘Nano’ is no longer with Tata’s

‘NANO’ suddenly has become one of the most popular words this year, which any brand would envy for, though generic brand name now is no longer with Tata’s anything that is small (and economical – not necessarily) is being called as Nano.

Nano suddenly has become one of the most popular words this year, which any brand would envy for. Though ‘Nano’ is not a new word, it has been taken from the Greek word ‘Nanos’ - meaning ‘dwarf’. This is also a prefix, which is used in the metric system to mean 10-9 or one billionth (1/1,000,000,000). But recently, with the launch of world’s most economical car named as ‘Nano’ by Tatas, this word has hit headlines across the globe. From a generic word, it has become one of the most popular international brands, a prestigious one, a brand, which has made a mark in the field of automobile engineering. Since then, it has become a worldwide hit. It has become the drive to big dreams. The car still has to hit the roads but it is a big name to reckon with today.

Though words like ‘nano technology’ - the application of our ability to manufacture atomically precise devices and control processes on the nanometer scale, ‘nanolithography’ - writing on the nanoscale like ‘small writing on rocks’, ‘nanomachine’ - mechanical devices so small that the parts are single molecules etc. were being used in science and arts, but with the unveiling of Tata’s Nano, the word ‘Nano’ got instant and huge popularity, that it no longer was left within realm of Tata’s. It has become a brand for anything small, not necessarily ‘nano’ size but small in its product category and which you want to have immediate attention on. A tactic used by advertisers to leverage advantage gained by someone else and ride on the bandwagon for commercial gains, and which happens. A mini laptop becomes ‘Nano laptop’ or ‘Nano-top’, ipod becomes ipod nano. And not to be left behind were garment retailers who too are associating brand nano with small size, and of course, smart looking garments. But the best one which I saw was ‘Nano paan’ - cheap, small and gives you the same taste in your mouth, which a big one would!

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