Sunday, January 27, 2008

MP may soon have steel bullock carts !

newswhichmatter team

Madhya Pradesh may see new model of bullock cart on its roads in rural areas. Costing around Rs 10,000, this cart is made of stainless steel and has capacity of two tonne. This cart was designed in Bhopal-based Agricultural Engineering Institute. On receipt of feedback from this sample cart, the Institute decided to manufacture 720 such carts that would be distributed to farmers in the state. This sample bullock cart was displayed in Vidisha, Hoshangabad, Indore and Dhar Melas (fetes). Madhya Pradesh Agro-Industries Corporation has been made nodal agency for distributing these carts with a subsidy of Rs 5,000. Senior Engineer of the Institute JP Sharma told that this is entirely new concept brought in the state. Stainless steel hollow square bars have been used in this to reduce its weight. The overall weight of the cart is distributed on both the wheels and thus, the bullock would have less weight on its shoulder. He said, "This cart has been designed in view of condition of roads and requirements of farmers. After going through the response from the farmers, the bulk production of this innovative cart would commence."

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