Monday, December 17, 2007

PM expresses his concern over rural – urban divide and inter regional divide

Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh while speaking at the inaugural of Golden Jubilee function of the Institute of Economic Growth on Saturday expressed concerned about imbalances that persist in our growth process. He said that the performance of Indian economy has certainly improved in recent years but rural-urban divide and inter-regional divide are the areas of concern. He added that Government has initiated several policies aimed at bridging the rural – urban divide. The investment being made in rural infrastructure, rural education and healthcare and in promoting non-farm employment in rural areas and it should help. But, the task is Himalayan and there is much that State governments will have to do in this regard. He added that Inter-regional imbalances in developments have both economic and political causes and consequences.

He sought support from people at the meeting to look at newer and creative and rational solutions to this problem of imbalances and growth. He said that What are then the other pathways to progress? How can we reduce the persistent imbalances in development? How can we increase rural incomes and modernise the rural economy? How can we empower our farming community and invest in its capabilities and productivity? ‘I think we need a new wave of creative thinking on these issues. Old ways of thinking seems to have run their course.’ Can we find more rational solutions to the problems of imbalances and inequities in growth?

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