Saturday, December 22, 2007

Local Ingenuity

(In picture - young boy on the Sethani Ghat holding magnets tied to a rope)

Hoshagabad District in Madhya Pradesh have famous Sethani ghat which are popular for sacred bath along the banks of holy river Narmada. As part of their prayers devotees immerse coins, coconuts etc in the holy river Narmada. About fifty local young men and boys have their own ingenuity to collect the coins being immersed by the devotees. They use number of magnets tied as one and then to a rope to collect the coins. Coins of rupees one, two and five get stuck to the magnets, when they are thrown in the waters of the river. This is part of their earnings for themselves and their families. Rajesh, one of them told the blog that they normally earn about Rs 100- 150 a day which may varies and also increase during or after the time mela is held. We are about fifty of them who earn by this way while some others dive in the river to collect coconuts as immersed by devotees as part of their prayers, he added.

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mauji said...

acha use of the magnets and this not only happens their but in varansai too