Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More projects for MP, implementation of these is the key !

87 union government projects worth Rs1921 crore have been approved till date for MP. thw projects fall in category of infrastructure development, expansion of public facilities, slums reforms and to bring betterment in the standard of living of the slum dwellers in the urban areas of the state. An amount of Rs 344.18 crore and Rs 91.7 crore have been sanctioned respectively by the union and state governments as their share.

Moreover, approval for 27 projects worth Rs 210.04 crore has been received for 24 cities for reforms in urban slums under the integrated housing and slum programme. Amount of Rs 79.25 crore and Rs 9.91 crore have been sanctioned by the union and the state governments as their share. Towns such as Dewas, Gwalior, Vidisha, Ganjbasoda, Sironj, Lateri, Khandwa, Damoh, Balaghat, Bairasia, Kurwai, Katni,Majholi, Patan, Shahpur, Narsinghpur, Pansemal, Khujner, Barela, Depalpur, Betma, Katangi, Gautampura and Petalawat have been included in the scheme.

Hope these are implemented well, so that people in villages and slum can get some benefit of better infrastructure...

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