Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Madhya Pradesh :Gloomy picture of State: Targets of development

Editorial, Central Chronicle, July 11, 2007

Now, it appears that Madhya Pradesh would not be able to achieve the development target of the millenium. An NGO Vikas Samvad's public report indicates the same. According to this report, achievements on eight issues of development in state were found below mark. At a meeting of the United Nations on September 8, 2000, the issues with which the common man is involved were aimed to be achieved by 2015. India has also been included in this mission. It does not seem that issues like poverty, starvation, diseases, illiteracy, women empowerment, child death rate, mortality rate, health and environment would be controlled by 2015. After a lapse of more than seven years when the targets were set by United Nations there is not much qualitative difference visible in the country. The situation in the State is also not very good. The state government is spending Rs 128.60 per month per head on food. But 38 per cent population is Below Poverty Line. The number of child labourers in the state is more than 10 lakh. There is no woman teacher in 33.75 per cent schools in the state. The state which has more than 6 crore population comprise 20 per cent tribals who are most hit by malnutrition. In every 5 minute an infant dies. Mortality rate even today is 7700 per annum. One mother dies in each hour. There is call to face HIV/AIDS and malaria like deadly diseases. The state has 2201 HIV positive cases till date. Due to increasing nitrate in ground water, the number of fluorosis hit patients is increasing. As per report of the UN, the figures actually pertain to Madhya Pradesh. In fact, considering the efforts and funds to achieve the targets, this situation is disapponting. It seems that work has not been done as per directives issued by the body. At the same time the planned schemes, to face these problems, could not reach the real beneficiaries. There is need to pay special attention to the tribal community. The government should prepare special work plan to achieve targets set for 2015 so that development may become real.

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