Sunday, July 22, 2007

Exhorbitant parking rates at railways stations of Bhopal

If you happen to receive someone or leave someone at railway station and had to park one’s car at Habibganj or Bhopal railway station in capital city of the state of Madhya Pradesh you end up paying Rupees ten as the parking rate. Interestingly elsewhere in Bhopal it is Rupees two, while at Railway Stations of Bhopal and Habibganj have differential rate, Why? Probably no one has answer. Also if you come twice in a day you may have to pay twice.

When you pay two rupees at any other place in Bhopal someone helps you to park and take out your vehicle but at Habibganj and Bhopal Railway Station, no one helps.

Worst is the time when important train departs or come, if you came bit earlier before the train’s departure or arrival, you will find difficult to take out your car as people had parked wherever they find space and no one manages the space. And there is no one from the parking contractor who helps, then why does one pay this price? Parking is paid for a service rendered for construction, maintenance of the space and manages to park vehicles in a systematic manner so as to ease the traffic flow.

In addition to exorbitant charges parking contractors here exploit young boys, by hiring them, against law and they are paid low salaries and are expected to do menial jobs in addition to cutting receipts and collecting money.

But who cares not many, parking at Bhopal tends to be a money spinning machine to benefit few.

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