Friday, May 04, 2007

Court says no to plea for bhopal gas victims

The Supreme Court has turned down a plea by various NGOs and individuals for enhanced compensation to victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy.

The petitions had sought a nearly fivefold increase in the $470 million compensation, stating that it was inadequate and several victims had not received the amount.The Bhopal tragedy had taken place on the intervening night of Dec 2-3, 1984 as poisonous methyl isocyanate gas escaped from the Union Carbide factory killing thousands. A petition by the Bhopal Gas Mahila Pidita Sangh had claimed that more people than originally believed had died in the tragedy so more compensation should be given to the victims. SC also said that the people who have been adversely affected by the tragedy should approach the tribunal in Bhopal. The compensation amount paid to the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984 was $478 million (approx 1,955 crore). Last month the Centre had requested the SC to close down the compensation claims of over 14,000 victims after the efforts to trace them failed.

This is unfortunate decision said an activist working in the area and it is denial of thier right he added

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