Tuesday, April 10, 2007

World Migratory Bird Day - May 12- 13, 2007

To observe the World Migratory Bird Day, Crusade for Revival of Environment and Wild Life (CREW) will join hands with another NGO ARPAN (Awanti Rehabilitation Programmes and Action Networking) Society to organise a two day bird camp on May 12 and 13 for rural children, mostly belonging to the economically backward and disadvantaged families, in and around Bhopal, the Central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh.

CREW will arrange film shows on birds and their importance as barometers of environment and as crucial agents for seed dispersal and the pollination process. Members of CREW team informed the blog that will be screening the films titled "Water Birds of Bhopal" and "Backyard Birds of Bhopal" which has been produced and directed by Raajshri and Lalit Shastri in Bhopal and across Madhya Pradesh in Central India with the help of the State Education Mission.

CREW will make special B-rolls available to NGOs, environmentalist, schools and colleges to disseminate vital information on Migratory Birds underlining their ecological and environmental importance.

For moe information please visit the web site www.globalwarmingeurasia.com


Anonymous said...

great i didnt knew this one ! at least someone cares abou water birds

shekha said...

this is only about migratory birds or birds ? saw the site looks nice

Narendra said...

Nice work. keep it up