Monday, March 12, 2007

Water shortage in Sagar - clash in Indore

It is now parts of Sagar which are facing water crisis. Newswhichmatter had been regularly reporting over growing water crisis in the state and have been covering reports of the same.

Dawari, Bina, Khurai, Raheli, Gadahota and Sagar block are facing acute water shortage. One could see women waiting with their cans and utensils searching and waiting for water. Sagar had witnessed 200mm less rainfall though interestingly it had flood two years back. Water levels have gone 2- 3ft down due to less rainfall this year. While in Indore in south thoda area, Sunday morning there were clashes between two parties over issue of water and later on mob damaged the vehicles nearby. Though police could control the situation but issue is even clashes over water ?

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