Saturday, March 17, 2007

Water crisis: Permanent solution needed

Editorial, Central Chronicle, MP edition, March 17, 2007

Call it a dilemma that despite claims of development, Madhya Pradesh continues to face water crisis as soon as the summer season commences. Thirty districts of the state are in the grip of water crisis. And reports of more than 100 civic bodies supplying water once in two days only speaks of the gravity of the crisis in the coming days. The situation in Gwalior division is said to be very bad where water is being supplied every alternate day. The government has initiated steps to meet the crisis by allotting over Rs 6 crore. The PHE minister Jagdish Devda is claiming that the situation would not be allowed to deteriorate. The administration would make supply of water through tankers. The government is committed to provide funds for every district to meet the water crisis. Water crisis, in fact, is becoming grave day by day. It is possible that the government may make available crores of rupees to meet the crisis. This is ok but we also have to chalk out a permanent solution.

This question would have to be meditated upon by our policy makers, and society jointly. Jhabua district, at one time was under the grip of severe water crisis but the water conservation efforts there have changed the situation today. This has been due to pursuing a thought-out policy. Hence the same success story could be applicable for other areas too. Now, it is for the members of the society that they follow a certain water conservation policy which would make available the nectar in the lean days. The government should also frame an area-wise action plan to solve the water problem.

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Miracles said...

Despite the importance of water in the home and its value as a natural resource, there is much more we can do to use it more efficiently. As government, industry and community attitudes towards environmental issues continue to grow, it has become evident that water conservation is a critical factor in reducing our overall burden.

How long will the resource provide water to all of us? Many parts of Bhopal are not getting enough water. So let us not use more than what we need & waste water and deprive others of their share.