Saturday, March 10, 2007

People's lives affected due to water crisis

A Dalit women was allegedly beaten up by two young men in Thakurpura area of Shivpuri town a district in Gwalior division of the state of Madhya Pradesh over issue of water. Bhinkumari wife of Rajendar Jatav was allegedly beaten up by one Ravi Prasad and his friend due to an argument over water. Water crisis exists in the area. The Shivpuri town is experiencing water shortage, one can see this by the long ‘yellow can queues’ lined up in the town to get water from supply which comes, few hours and pressure too is very low. The problem is in not only in Shivpuri tonw alone. In nearby district Sheopur, a week back villagers of village Sarandad Gram Panchayat Gohata, had threatened to go on hunger strike if the issue of water crisis was not resolved immediately. People have started deserting the village due to the acute water shortage, and they are finding hard to get water for drinking purpose. Similar situation is being seen in many parts of the Indore Malwa region too. But those who have money and power and can afford tubewells are digging ground water, which gives more crunch on the limited ground water available.

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Anonymous said...

21st century and here we are no drinking water for people. where are we moving ahead. scared of the thought of future what is everyone doing be it govt,people, donor agencies