Monday, February 26, 2007

32 panchayats decide to boycott by-elections in Shivpuri due to water shortage and fluorosis

People living in thirty two panchayats of the karera block of the district Shivpuri have decided that they will not vote in the upcoming by elections in March. They will boycott the byelections. ‘All of them are same, nobody cares about us’ say villagers when one mentions about elected representatives. Villages in these panchayats face acute water crisis and people’s health is getting affected with fluorosis. It is not that they did not approach the elected representatives with their problems, they did, but with hardly any concrete result !. As by election approach for Gwalior parliamentary seat came in they decided this was better way to make their issue known and probably let the political leaders feel the pinch. The major issues which impacts them and which lead to the present situation is waters shortage, issue of ban of sale / resale of land, ban on boring water and fluorosis.

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Anonymous said...

i read this story and it is pathetic that inspite of so many people and state working on water conservation this is situation..