Thursday, January 18, 2007

School text books sold in Betul & Tikamgarh

As many as five tonnes of Rajya Shiksha Kendra textbooks for classes one to eight and related material have been sold to a scrap dealer at a school in Khedli village, five km from this district headquarters, official sources said.

Madhya Pradesh Revenue Minister Kamal Patel has ordered an inquiry into the sale of school textbooks worth crores to a scrap dealer.Police seized the textbooks yesterday while District Collector Chandrahas Dubey suspended teachers Ramesh Pawar, Shivpal Ingre and Abhay Gorekar after the January 14 crime came to light.


As per media sources books distributed under SSA schmes have been found at whole sale shops and pan shops here in Tikamgarh. Papers from them is being used for making packets for retail goods or pan. They were allegedy sold to the scrap dealer.

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