Saturday, January 06, 2007

Madhya Pradesh sops for tribals - when will they become reality?

Are the sops real ? or re announcements ?

In the series of Panchayats started last year, an Adivasi Panchayat was held today in the state of Bhopal for tribal’s of Madhya Pradesh. Hundreds participated. Lot of hype surrounded the Panchayat. As expected, new proclamations were made. But if one tracks the state’s developmental track one will realize that some of them were re -announcements while for others one does not know when they will become reality ?

These Panchayats are in line with some held earlier. Picking up example of Mahila Panchayat which was held last year, many announcements were made during the same. But till date neither the state policy based on the suggestions then made has come out. Neither any extra benefit has accrued to women of the state. Situation remains as it is – rather it has worsened.

In today’s announcement there has been increase in the scholarships and facilities for tribal students at different level, a special scheme named as Kamdhenu for tribal families in the 11 districts was launched. In addition it was proposed to convert forest villages into revenue villages and setting up of a new Mukhya Mantri Awas Yojana and many others similar sops were announced. Issues like whether state will increase or provide funds for them and what will be modus operandi to implement and monitor these was not at all touched. Though there is still a time to put the same in place, but if there is will and power to make that happen ?

Stipend amount to students have been increased. For boy students it has been increased from Rs. 350 to Rs. 500 and for girl students from Rs. 360 to Rs. 525 per month- but no mechanism is put in place to make sure that students get the benefit?

Some examples of re - announcements are as follows

Special anganwadi’s centers for the tribals

These anganwadis have been announced number of times since last year. They are actually part of the Supreme Court order to the state, sanctioned by Central Government. State does not contribute to this. State’s WCD Minister had shared the same information on the floor of the house in the last state assembly session, but when will they become reality - is an issue which needs debate.

Toilet kits for students

Vanya Sandarb, a publication of the state tribal department had mentioned about the same in the last issue dated December 25, 2006 page number 10 . What is new about it? Nobody knows. The app cost mentioned in the publication was 88.49 lakhs in, today it is one crore. ?? - are we adding something extra.

Interestingly they have tooth brushes and tooth paste and nail cutters in the same – how many will like to use them? May be something else could be thought of? This is in plastic box – environmentally unfriendly to tribal’s ?

These are questions media may or may not pick up tomorrow but are and will remain important – hence on this on newswhichmatter.

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this is a hard one, YOU are right enough of proclamations and no action