Sunday, January 28, 2007

Madhya Pradesh School promoting Gandhian culture since 1892

By Abdul Samad

Harda (Madhya Pradesh), Jan.28 (ANI): An over a century old school in Madhya Pradesh's Harda District is being run in a style that could give joy to the followers of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation.Be it students or teachers, all wear a Gandhi cap and Khadi dress. The tradition has been kept alive since 1892. The school has followed Gandhi's ideals since its inception.

"The students as well as the teachers coming here do wear the cap and this is not a compulsion but is tradition that has been followed since 114 years," said Ghulam Nabi, one of the teachers. "Gandhiji had asked fellow countrymen to wear this cap and on our part, we follow suit, irrespective of which class we are studying in," said Anand Singh Rajput, a student.

There are 500 students in the school and majority of them come from poor background. This proves a major impediment in the basic maintenance of the school.But the school is in a pathetic state because of many essential things getting no attention from anyone due to lack of funds.

The school authorities want the State Government to help in renovation of the school building, which has withstood vagaries of all seasons for the past 114 years. Today, it is in dire need of repairs. Besides it requires an arrangement for the residence of schoolteachers.

"We have certain demands, we want quarters for the teachers and reconstruction of the entire building as it is getting old day-by-day. It urgently needs renovation so that it can last for many more years, says the Moti Singh Suchar, the school Principal. (ANI)

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