Thursday, January 18, 2007

Guna initiates Dular Scheme to combat malnourishment in kids

Guna district in the state of Madhya Pradesh has seven hundred seventy three children which are malnourished. Six hundred sixteen fall in the Grade three of malnourishment while 157 in Grade four. As part of district’s impetus to combat malnourishment among these kids, it has initiated news scheme. In this scheme these children individually will now be responsibility of specified health and Women and child development department workers. Specified ANM, anganwadi worker, MHW or ASHA will virtually have to adopt these kids individually. She/ he will have take care of their nutrition and help provide the child with the nutritious food as provided by the district. A monitoring card for each child will monitor their progress and will be available at their homes. It will be responsibility of the worker who adopts them to maintain the same. The worker who adopts them will get the child weighed regular in their presence, monitor progress and help provide them with the nutritious food and fill the monitoring card.

Under aegis of Collector G K Sharaswat with support from UNICEF this new scheme has been initiated which has been christened as Dular and was launched recently by the Minister in Charge of the district Rutam Singh.

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