Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Children of Nithari need justice

Children of Nithari need justice

According to the media reports, 38 children from Nithari village near Noida suburb of National Capital Territory of Delhi went missing over a period of 30 months, but only 19 police complaints were registered, as per, media reports five of these 19 children returned home. "The recent discovery of skeletal remains in the area suggests that more than those registered as missing may have been killed. This is a gross violation of human rights of the citizens and in particular, the children, action was needed much that after recovery of skeletons and when media racked the issue. Today UNI reports that National Human Rights Commission has issued notices to the Uttar Pradesh government and director general of police, seeking a factual report within two weeks on the sexual abuse and murder of children and women in Noida's Nithari village.

The prime accused, employer-servant duo of Moninder Singh and Surender had confessed to sexual abuse, mutilation and killings of not only young boys and girls but also women, and dumping the remains of the victims in the drain behind the house. "The barbaric act came to light not because the police were investigating the disappearance of children, but by sheer chance as they nabbed Surender who was in possession of a cell phone belonging to a missing woman Payal, who was also murdered.

A newspaper editorial highlighted the negligence of the state administration, saying those who are guilty and responsible for such prolonged negligence of even routine investigation and civil function should be sacked. Parents of several missing children have also approached the commission appealing for its intervention.

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