Sunday, December 24, 2006

Vinay was not so lucky as Prince

A 5 year old boy who fell in the 100 ft pit in Raisen unfortunately could not be saved……

Vinay a five year old boy from Raisen could not survive while he was rescued from a 100 feet pit hole in district Raisen of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The incident happened yesterday evening in Sunehra village of the district Raisen. The pit hole was dug to drill water by tube well but later had gone dry. It was not closed. Vinay, was playing with his friends in the open field, he tripped and fell into the pit - hole. The other boys playing with him immediately informed his parents. His father who is a farmer rushed to his child’s rescue. Local administration employees also reached the spot and the Army was called in from Sagar. The rescue operation lasted six hours during which the boy was heard moaning. Though he was rescued but could not survive. He was declared dead due to asphyxiation when he was taken to the district hospital.

A huge crowd had gathered around the hole to watch the replay of what turned out to be a tragic event. Local officials could not keep the crowds away and this also led to the soil subsiding and entering the hole. The rescue team managed to reach the boy by digging a parallel hole six feet away from the one into which Vinay had fallen and then through a horizontal shaft. Eyewitnesses said the boy was alive when he was brought out, but his heart gave out within minutes.

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Anonymous said...

it is unfortunate prinec was lucky every day many die unnoticed and it is sad that administration could not save vinay inspite of rescuing him..