Friday, December 29, 2006

Muslim males in MP are more literate

As per book Same "Population of India in the new millennium, Census 2001," released recently says Muslim males are more literate than males of other major religions. In the state of Madhya Pradesh where 79.8 per cent Muslim males were educated compared to 75.5 per cent Hindu males.Similarly the literacy among Muslim males in Andhra Pradesh was 76.5 per cent as against Hindus'' 70.3 per cent while it was 82.4 per cent in case of the Muslim males in Gujarat as against 79.1 per cent of Hindu males.

Even among women, Muslims were more educated with literacy of 59.1 per cent as against Hindu women's 49.2 per cent. The study, however, admits that unlike the males, the literacy rate of Muslim women was not up to the mark in most of the states.

Adapted from various press coverages namely Indiandaily and news agencies

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