Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tomato - Too red to handle !!!

Bittan Market, Bhopal. Thursday vegetable haat (market)- As usual it was a busy day, though numbers were less as compared to the weekned market. Still one could smell people sweating it out to buy the cheapest one.

Tomatao as usual were too red to handle !, twenty four rupees a kilogram !. Understand it was 36 per kilogram in Delhi. So we were cheaper than Delhi, may be we can have few more than Delhities. Well one thing to cheer Onions this time have given a run to tomato - just three rupees a kilogram. Well tomato was also four rupees a kilogram few months back !

Moral of story – store vegetables when they are cheap but for now enjoy onions, (but do brush your teeth after eating them), forget tomato for few days and wait for the prices to fall. Our FM says it will !. Or if you still wish to have them – don’t go out this weekend (save money !!)

- anil


Anonymous said...

use tomato puree, its is cheap

Anonymous said...

now they are cheap again