Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Photo is missing !

Mr. Gupta is a Managing Director of a corporate house. The business is doing well and it could be categorized as middle Level Corporation. As business is expanding in order to give boost to their image they have recently set up a public relation department which is headed by a well versed and professional public relation professional Mr. Kapur. Mr. Kapur had recently retired from public relations department of a big enterprise. But he is man with contacts. He is hard working, respected in media and has had a successful career as public relation professionals before he retired. He in his new reincarnation has had a problem at hand. Mr. Gupta, the MD of the company does not understand the very role of public relations department, for him it is his own photograph in the newspaper or electronic media. Rather than communicating positive image of his organisation and the work they do he wishes to see his own photograph.

If a report appears in the print media highlighting their organisation, their good work, it is okay with him inspite of the fact good amount of hard work had gone behind the same and it had helped to generate good will in public for the organisation. But the mere fact that his photo was missing, he was not delighted!

Probably more than his organisation he wanted to see his own photograph makes the difference. This is one area where majority of public relation professionals have challenge in their hand when one works for an organisation which does not understand the role of the PR.

Rather than creating positive image for the organisation and showcasing the real work many a times, many PR professionals like Mr. Kapur may have to do ! land up to doing image make over for the owners, trouble shooting in media.

yours truly - Anil Gulati
PS- A always these are personal; opinion of the contributor !!


kaka said...

your personal opinions are superb and totally out of the box. Keep it up !!!

Anonymous said...

where is your photo !! get your MD ones on to web we like to see Kapurs MD