Sunday, March 05, 2006

the real yaar

Yaar meaning buddy is the word which we often use now a days.. In American terms this is name of boy and is of Hebrew origin, meaning "forest”. Though Yaar is an very uncommon male first or surname in US. In Indian context we normally speak Arre Yaar, referring to our friends. But as of now more than friends it is being used to call your ones peers , people whom we met and many a times generally !

Though purists may say that language is a means of communicating thoughts and so long as it is able to perform this prime function, use of such words stands vindicated. Am not debating them here, but as I was speaking to my friend Pushpendar bhai (!!) on this one he mentioned that word may have come from word yarana meaning friendship. If you call someone as Yaar you mean that she or he as your friend, a friend in need not just a yaar, to smoke and drink together. The test of real yaar is one with whom you enjoy moments of life, but also is with when you need, when you want support, want to confine with someone not only to enjoy…..your real yaar would be with you life long not momentary yaar!

But the meaning of friendship has changed now. These days it is difficult to get real yaar. Interests are vested within itself. Even in friends there is competition, they are friends for merry only or timepass. It is hard to get real friend that is why everybody is just a yaar.

Yours only – anil gulati


Anonymous said...

it is impossible to find one real yaar if you find one do let me know

Anonymous said...

i am the real yaar for the real yaaars

Anonymous said...

nothing impossible.

honey said...

hi very true what u say, but good yaars are required for happy life.

dosti said...

oh rahne do ye yaar ki batein !!!!!!!!